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We present you a vestments shop offering a wide choice of Catholic vestments for Catholic priests. You will find Catholic priest vestments of the best quality, with nice embroidery and wast choice of colors. Out shop with vestments will offer you various kinds of liturgical vestments like liturgical stoles, chasubles, dalmatics, copes and a wide selection of accessories. Wie also offer sets of vestments that will provide you with all the necessary items you will need for the specific purpose. The vestment shop Ackermann will give you very good purchase conditions like easy product returns. You can buy a product and return it within 30 days from the purchase time without giving us a reason for the return. For the details please visit our Ackermann shop website. Out website provides easy and convenient search tool that will give you easy way to find an item you need. Out Ackermann vestment shop has a certificate of the trusted shop which means that we provide convenient customer service as well as money back guarantee.

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Gothic Cope IHS model 031Gothic Cope IHS model 031
$183.331831.50 PTS
$63.33632.70 PTS
$66.67666 PTS
Gothic Cope model 006Gothic Cope model 006
$172.331721.61 PTS
$16.67166.50 PTS
Gothic Chasuble model 660Gothic Chasuble model 660
$196.001958.04 PTS
Purple zucchettoPurple zucchetto
$56.67566.10 PTS
Gothic Dalmatic model 579Gothic Dalmatic model 579
$288.332880.45 PTS
$33.33333 PTS
Marian Roman Chasuble Marian Roman Chasuble
$246.672464.20 PTS
Gothic Chasuble model 047Gothic Chasuble model 047
$104.671045.62 PTS
Chalice veil model 14Chalice veil model 14
$20.00199.80 PTS
Humeral veil IHSHumeral veil IHS
$145.001448.55 PTS
Gothic Dalmatic  model 034Gothic Dalmatic model 034
$131.671315.35 PTS
$16.67166.50 PTS
Marian Altar linenMarian Altar linen
$66.67666 PTS
Vojko, Ljubljana
Score: 5/5

Very good product and recommend it.

Roman Cope the Lamb of God model 559Roman Cope the Lamb of God model 559
$336.003356.64 PTS
Antonio, London
Score: 5/5
Best workmanship and quality reasonably priced. Would buy again. Recommended A++++++++
Gothic Chasuble model 508Gothic Chasuble model 508
$140.001398.60 PTS
Susan, Derby
Score: 5/5
Excellent service and product. Thank you
Gothic Chasuble model 044Gothic Chasuble model 044
$152.001518.48 PTS
pedro julio, Kenner
Score: 5/5
Great and friendly service. God bless
Mitre "Jerusalem Crosses" model 103Mitre "Jerusalem Crosses" model 103
$124.671245.42 PTS
Rev. Barbara J. Collins, Selinsgrove
Score: 5/5

Originally I wasn't going to order a miter, but so pleased with doing so. The fit is perfect and the material and embroidery absolutely matches the coordinating cope. The detail and structure are superb. Definitely would recommend this to others.

Roman Chasuble The Lamb of God Roman Chasuble The Lamb of God
$286.002857.14 PTS
John, Derby
Score: 5/5
Great and beautiful. A+++++
Gothic Cope Jerusalem Crosses model 103Gothic Cope Jerusalem Crosses model 103
$187.001868.13 PTS
Andrew L, Richmond
Score: 5/5
High quality
Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 555Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 555
$213.332131.20 PTS
Paul Alan, Codsall
Score: 5/5
Excellent thanks!!
Humeral veil model 597Humeral veil model 597
$175.001748.25 PTS
Sister Maria, Winchester
Score: 5/5
Just lovely! The banding is exquisite. Everything (pockets, etc.) in the right place.
Gothic Chasuble model 045Gothic Chasuble model 045
$152.001518.48 PTS
Vojko, Ljubljana
Score: 5/5

Wonderful and beneficial product in gold.

Semi Gothic Cope model 637Semi Gothic Cope model 637
$303.333030.30 PTS
Most Reverend Richard M, Lakeland
Score: 5/5
Beautiful Cope and the quality is much better than I expected.
Monastic Chasuble Maltese crosses model 006Monastic Chasuble Maltese crosses model 006
$120.001198.80 PTS
Kathleen A, Altadena
Score: 5/5
Excellent site, well wrapped, will visit this site again. Recommend w/ pleasure.
Roman Stole model 630Roman Stole model 630
$121.671215.45 PTS
Tiago Wenceslau De Barros Barb, São Paulo
Score: 5/5
I enjoyed the quality of the product. Congratulations
Roman Stole model 630Roman Stole model 630
$121.671215.45 PTS
Matthew, Gharb
Score: 5/5
Gothic Chasuble model 715Gothic Chasuble model 715
$240.002397.60 PTS
Rev. John H., Medway
Score: 5/5

I was really pleased with the symbolism this vestment embraces, with it's Latin inscription "In Cruce Salus" (Salvation in the cross), it's Greek IHS and the inclusion of the purple Passion Flower, all making it highly suitable to our Lenten Eucharistic celebrations!

Gothic Cope with matching mitre Jerusalem Crosses model 103Gothic Cope with matching mitre Jerusalem Crosses model 103
$296.082957.87 PTS
Brian, Silver Spring
Score: 5/5
BEAUTIFUL iitem. Can't wait to wear it.
Gothic Chasuble  model 557Gothic Chasuble model 557
$266.002657.34 PTS
Susan, Derby
Score: 5/5
Great product! Extremely happy with quality and product.
Gothic Chasuble model 700Gothic Chasuble model 700
$252.002517.48 PTS
Bernard, Indianapolis
Score: 5/5

the design and workmanship is amazing, and the price is always very affordable.

Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 201Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 201
$166.671665 PTS
William, Tottenham
Score: 5/5
Beautiffuly made -excellent value
Set of Burse, maniple and chalice veilSet of Burse, maniple and chalice veil
Father Seth, Nashwauk
Score: 5/5
Great Quality.
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