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Catholic vestments shop

We are the manufacturer of a clergy apparel of both traditional and contemporary design, sewn with high quality fabrics. You can find here a great choice of clothing with beautiful embroidery and in wide range of colours. Liturgical stoles, chasubles, dalmatics, copes – these are only part of our offer of liturgical vestments for Catholic priests.

Check deacon dalmatics and copes in variety of types: Gothic, Marian or Roman, and many more. Choose from chasubles for sale and matching stoles, verify our great attention to detail in all Catholic vestments. All clerics – deacons, priests, bishops – can get a proper and beautiful attire for serving in Mass.

Ackermann shop has great purchase conditions, such as simple return policy. You can buy a product and return it within 30 days from the purchase for any reason. For the details check website. Ackermann is certified as a member of Trusted Shops and has a Trustedbadge. That means we provide convenient customer service as well as a satisfaction guarantee for all of our products.

Liturgical stoles

Not a symbol of an ordained clergy, but of the spiritual function he is performing, liturgical stole is worn with an alb or with a cassock and surplice. Ackermann offers clothing for both priests and deacons, in all liturgical colours. All of the available wear for sale are beautifully embroidered.

Deacon dalmatics

We are very proud to present a vast collection of fine deacon dalmatics. Among dozens of catholic vestments are Gothic, Semi-Gothic and Roman types, appropriate for every season and feast days of Christian year. A wide range of prices makes it easy for everyone to find a perfect, affordable liturgical attire.

Altar cloths

Adorning and protecting the most important object in the whole church, altar cloths have to be always kept in the best possible state. Consider the fair linen made of stain resistant and easy-to-iron polyester. Choosing the fabric, remember to order it long enough to get aesthetically pleasing drops on the sides.

Altar linens

Since palls, lavabos, purificators and corporals are used on every Mass, the main concern while choosing altar linens should be the durability of their fabric. Our products are made of material that is easy to wash and iron. Available for sale are both snow-white accessories as well as the richly embroidered ones.

Gothic Cope IHS model 031Gothic Cope IHS model 031
$189.26$270.371701.63 PTS
Silver Rosary with pearlsSilver Rosary with pearls
$59.26$81.48532.80 PTS
Silver Rosary with pearlsSilver Rosary with pearls
$29.63$44.44266.40 PTS
Silver Rosary openworkSilver Rosary openwork
$96.30$166.67865.80 PTS
Silver Rosary Tiger's EyeSilver Rosary Tiger's Eye
$44.44$59.26399.60 PTS
Silver Cross "diamond" v2Silver Cross "diamond" v2
$7.41$11.1166.60 PTS
Swarovski Crystal Rosary greenSwarovski Crystal Rosary green
$83.33$166.67749.25 PTS
Swarovski Crystal Rosary burgundySwarovski Crystal Rosary burgundy
$83.33$166.67749.25 PTS
Humeral veilHumeral veil
$237.04$275.932131.20 PTS
Roman ChasubleRoman Chasuble
$280.00$400.002517.48 PTS
Swarovski Crystal Rosary ScarabSwarovski Crystal Rosary Scarab
$83.33$166.67749.25 PTS
Silver Rosary with Baltic ambersSilver Rosary with Baltic ambers
$62.96$85.19566.10 PTS
Marian Gothic Dalmatic model 537Marian Gothic Dalmatic model 537
$215.19$307.411934.73 PTS
Humeral veil The Lamb of GodHumeral veil The Lamb of God
$275.56$307.782477.52 PTS
Silver Rosary 925Silver Rosary 925
$96.30$166.67865.80 PTS
Marian Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 201Marian Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 201
$259.262331 PTS
Peter Andrew, Dalkeith, Midlothian
Score: 5/5
I ordered this marian dalmatic at short notice for a friends ordination. The delivery turn around from order to receipt was fantastic and I was absolutely delighted with the fabric and the over all " look" of the dalmatic. A beautiful garment and great value.
Marian Gothic Chasuble model 013Marian Gothic Chasuble model 013
$138.521245.42 PTS
Jerrod, Calgary
Score: 5/5
This chasuble is beautiful. The picture really doesn't do it justice. I am well pleased with the quality of the orphrey and the manufacturing of this piece! Also, the staff at Ackermann's was absolutely amazing allowing me to customize what I wanted and responding very promptly to my emails.
Gothic Chasuble model 022Gothic Chasuble model 022
$138.521245.42 PTS
Mel, Mooloolaba
Score: 5/5
Parish Priest delighted with Rose Chasuble. Mel Tipper, Ceremoniarius, Saint Mark's Anglican Curch, Buderim, Queensland Australia
Chasuble "Christ the King" model 543Chasuble "Christ the King" model 543
$268.522414.25 PTS
Kenneth, Newark
Score: 5/5
Purchased in cream, very elegant. Perfect choice for the Feast of Christ the King as well as Sacred Heart and during the Easter season.
Cincture cingulumCincture cingulum
$18.52166.50 PTS
Anne-Marie, Preston
Score: 5/5
Well made. blends well with our liturgical colours.
Gothic Chasuble model 115Gothic Chasuble model 115
$259.26$303.702331 PTS
Robert, North Ridgeville
Score: 5/5
The chasuble was well made and appealing. it does look better that the web picture. It was a good value.
Gothic Chasuble Jerusalem crosses model 725Gothic Chasuble Jerusalem crosses model 725
$314.072823.84 PTS
Bonnie, Brackettville
Score: 5/5
Beautiful and stunningly simplistic! My priest likes quality, but is very conservative. This chasuable was perfect for his needs! He loved the product and loved the simple grandeur of the single Jerusalem cross on it. Definitely will buy him more from here. I've never had such great customer service, especially with a overseas company as this one. Thank you!
Chalice veilChalice veil
$50.00449.55 PTS
Kenneth, Newark
Score: 5/5
excellent quality, perfect match, fast delivery
Alb A16Alb A16
Deacon David, White Pine
Score: 5/5
These are Excellent and very Well-Made albs. I'm especially pleased with the beautiful lace design in the sleeves and bottom fringe. This will add solemnity even to my ordinary altar work as a deacon.
Humeral veil model 113Humeral veil model 113
$161.111448.55 PTS
Father Seth, Grand Rapids
Score: 5/5
Awesome Humeral Veil! It is gorgeous!
Semi-Gothic Chasuble Holy Spirit model 653Semi-Gothic Chasuble Holy Spirit model 653
$270.372430.90 PTS
Monsignor, Waterford
Score: 5/5
Outstanding embroidery and fabric. Top quality chasuble and stole. This is the 2nd set I have purchased in this Pentecost Feast style. Repeat buyer on at least a Dozen Vestment sets. Highly recommended to all clergy. Monsignor Johannes Benedict, O.S.B
Gothic Chasuble model 045Gothic Chasuble model 045
$138.521245.42 PTS
Vojko, Ljubljana
Score: 5/5
A good product in purple! I can only recommend!
Gothic Cope model 006Gothic Cope model 006
$233.332097.90 PTS
Score: 5/5
It's a simple and beautifully made cope. I would recommend it to my priest friends.
Set of Gothic Copes model 113Set of Gothic Copes model 113
$1,143.5610281.71 PTS
John C., Bend
Score: 5/5
They arrive promptly from Poland and were as respresented
Altar cloth Marian Altar cloth Marian
$74.07666 PTS
Jeremy, New Albany
Score: 5/5
Altar Cloth is beautiful, well crafted, and a great purchase at Ackermann's prices. The Emboidered side is done well, no pulls and consistent pattern. The non-embroidered sides are hemmed with a simple 1 cm strip. It gives the overall cloth a finished, clean look. I would purchase again.
Gothic Dalmatic model 014Gothic Dalmatic model 014
$146.301315.35 PTS
Don, Fargo
Score: 5/5
Extremely pleased! very well made garment. Shipping was very fast.
Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 201Semi Gothic Dalmatic model 201
$237.042131.20 PTS
William, Tottenham
Score: 5/5
Good quality and excellent value
Gothic Chasuble model 669Gothic Chasuble model 669
$155.561398.60 PTS
Luke, Melbourne
Score: 5/5
Beautiful and simple chasuble. A lovely finish and good example of noble simplicity. A very nice piece of work.
Gothic Dalmatic model 044Gothic Dalmatic model 044
$160.001438.56 PTS
Deacon Jeff C, Jacksonville
Score: 5/5
The quality of this dalmatic is very good! Highly recommend!
Biretta 3 corners with pom-pomBiretta 3 corners with pom-pom
$74.07666 PTS
Thomas, New Haven
Score: 5/5
Good transaction.
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