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Vestments for Advent Season

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Vestments are the ecclesiastical clothes that are worn by members of the clergy during Mass and other services, often they are grand and beautiful pieces, garments that are soaked in historical meaning and significance, which reflects their sacred and holy positions in the work of the church. There are appropriate vestments for each level of service to the church, and additional ones for the celebrations of various liturgical seasons. Here we will take a more detailed look at the season of advent, and the vestments used to honor it. To order expertly-designed vestments for the advent season, visit

The Importance of Advent

Advent begins on the fourth Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. It is the period of spiritual preparation and waiting for the celebration of the Nativity of Christ, and for the return of Christ on the Second Coming. Advent is a very spiritual time, often consisting of prayer, fasting, self-reflection and repentance, in order to foster great anticipation, hope and joy for the forthcoming celebrations. Advent is the time for Christians to become more involved and more caught up in their communities - and so alongside our preparations for Christmas comes a greater understanding of the meaning behind the Second Coming of Christ.

Advent Celebrations

For most people, the season of advent is a time for gratitude, hope, peace and giving, and signals the onset for Christmas - as such advent is celebrated in myriad ways, musical services and choir concerts are commonplace. Every Sunday a large candle is lit on the advent wreath, which is a wreath of fir branches knotted together with ribbon and decorated with pinecones, holly sprigs, laurel and sometimes mistletoe. The advent wreath is adorned with candles, three purple and one pink, to signify the four Sundays of advent.

Advent is one of the most important times in the liturgical calendar, steeped in deep tradition and history, and filled with a joyous message of hope - it is no surprise that advent is so widely celebrated, and many Christians hold this holiday close to their hearts. For this reason, vestments for the advent season play almost as important a role as the services themselves.

Advent Vestments

Parishioners often rejoice to look to the altar and see the purple robes, signifying the first Sunday of advent and the coming of the festivities of Christmas. This purple colour on the vestments of the clergy brings hope and joy to the congregation within the church. The colour itself reminds us of penance and preparation, and it also symbolizes royalty, or the Second Coming of the King. Vestments for advent season often come in sets, giving each member of the clergy a robe of the same material and decor. This helps create cohesion across the church and during services and ensures that all members of the clergy are presenting appropriate colours.

On the third Sunday of advent, often referred to as Gaudete Sunday, a rose or pink colour may be used instead, this is also what the pink candle on the advent wreath represents. Gaudete is the Latin word for rejoice, therefore Gaudete Sunday specifically is a time for joy - providing a break between some of the more penitential aspects of the season and a focus on the joyous occasion of the Lords coming.

In Conclusion

Advent is a beautiful and joyful time, celebrated by millions worldwide. As such, the vestments of the church and clergy reflect this. Every church wardrobe will contain multiple robes for the occasion, each as beautiful and joyous as the season itself, to help the parish fully celebrate and understand the season of advent and its true meanings.

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