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Processional Umbrellas

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The umbrella originally served as a parasol to protect people from the sun in Ancient Egypt. The earliest known umbrellas appear in Egyptian art from around 2450 BC when Egyptians were in the Fifth Dynasty. Parasols were used both for practical and decorative purposes by the Egyptians as can be seen from numerous paintings and reliefs depicting a servant holding a parasol over a god during a procession.

As a result of their high cost and complexity of manufacture in ancient times, umbrellas and parasols served as protective cloaks for important people such as gods, royalty, and religious leaders (a far cry from the everyday umbrellas and parasols we use today). Religions began to use parasols and umbrellas during ceremonies as a result.

Catholic Church

Ancient Romans used basilicas for public assemblies and the administration of justice. As Rome became Christianized around 300 AD, many of these basilicas were converted into churches and the raised platform was converted into an altar. In addition to being a church with a special distinction that could only be designated by the pope, the word basilica was also translated to mean a church with a special distinction.

An umbraculum, which translates as 'big umbrella' and is also called a conopaeum, was once used daily by the pope to shield him from the sun as a part of his regalia. In a basilica there is a sign that it is a major basilica: the umbrella is made of gold and red velvet, while the umbrellas of lesser importance are made of red and yellow silk. A visit from the pope is the only occasion when the umbraculum is opened.

Aside from its function as a simple way to stay dry and protected from the sun, the umbrella has a long and fascinating history of symbolism and meaning in religious ceremonies. The use of umbrellas and parasols in ceremonies and processions has been widespread throughout history, and umbrellas and parasols have been used across a wide range of religions. Imagine how significant this simple device has been and continues to be around the world when you open your umbrella to shield yourself from the rain.

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The next time you open your umbrella to cover yourself in the rain, remember how significant this simple item has been and continues to be to people around the world, including those of the catholic faith.

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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
Beautiful deacon stoles, shipped.quickly across the pond!
Ackerman have dealt with my order in a timely and efficient manner, as always. However, the delivery is stalling and apparently my order still sits in a warehouse in Poland awaiting shipment which is disapointing.