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Covers for vestments and mitres

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If you are wondering what covers for vestments and mitres are, then let us tell you that these are liturgical garments and articles that are associated with the Christian religion, specifically among the Eastern Orthodox, Anglicans, Catholics, and Lutherans.

The word ‘vestment’ is derived from the Latin word for clothing. However, nowadays, this particular word is associated with the religious clothing worn by Anglicans, Catholics, and Lutherans priests during the liturgy.

Before we talk about the covers for vestments and mitres, let’s learn how the catholic priest gets vested or dressed.


The first piece of covers for vestment that is worn by a priest is an amice. When it comes to the appearance of an amice, it is usually a square-shaped piece of cloth having two strips or chords attached to it. The two strips go around the neck of the priest covering his collar. Amice is tucked into the collar covering the shoulders while the strips are tied around the priest’s chest.


Next, it is the turn of the priest to put on an alb. The alb is a robe, white, which is also typically worn by other liturgical ministries. Oftentimes, an alb is worn by the altar servers, and less often these are worn by lectors. The alb signifies purity and is put on immediately after an individual goes through baptism.


Now that amice and alb are worn by the priest, it’s time to wear a cincture. Made of a cord or rope, the cincture is worn as a belt by the priests. A cincture acts as the reminder of the first pope Peter in his admonition to ‘gird your lions’. Also, by wearing a cincture, a priest is reminded of his chastity.


Next, it is time to put on a sole. It’s a long piece of cloth that is worn over the neck just like a scarf. Although it has been seen that many priests wore a stole over the chasuble, according to traditional clothing rules it is supposed to be worn before the chasuble.


You can find chasuble in different shapes and shades, but it must be in the proper liturgical color. The chasuble signifies the charity which is required for a priest. This is the main reason why it is supposed to be worn over the stole.


Mitres are the liturgical headdress that is worn by the priest. When it comes to the appearance of mitres, then it has two shield-shaped stiffened halves facing front and back. And two lappets (fringed streamers) hang from its back.

Covers for vestments and mitre!

It is important to get covers for vestments and mitre to protect them from dirt, dust, and damages. Here we have mentioned some tips for cleaning the covers:

· Don’t wash them, just get them dry cleaned in special laundries.

· Pass on the wrong side of the cover and use steam iron at moderate temperature. Avoid ironing on the embroidery, metallic fabrics, and prints.

When looking for the covers for vestments, always buy the qualitative ones. The fabric used to make covers should be durable enough to last for a long time. Also, consider the measurement of your vestments and mitres before purchasing covers for them.

If you want to buy covers for your vestments and mitres then you should explore our platform. Here you can get qualitative covers at an affordable price.

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