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Types of liturgical stoles

Types of liturgical stoles

The liturgical stoles are unarguably the most important vestments for church pastors and priests. A huge number of customers are searching for stoles online and buying them among multiple varieties. With a huge variety in clothing, size, design, and other features, liturgical stoles can reflect anyone’s personality, style, and values. The priest gets the most suitable look and feels with a stole as compared with any other clothes. Hence, it becomes significant for a lot of people to choose their styled stoles. Here are some of the prominent choices of liturgical stoles.

Tapered Stoles

The tapered liturgical stoles come up with a curvy and fit neckline. It has two to three inches of width at the back of the neck and stays flat against the neck. They hardly face the problems of bunching while being worn. The sides of the tapered stole are somewhere between four and five inches along with ends. Since it lays flat on the neck, a tapered stole is best used as a chasuble. Hence, it becomes a trending choice to wear a tapered stole over the robe.

Ackermann provides narrow-styled tapered stoles with smaller frames. With a maximum neck width of two inches, and ends with 4 inches, these can be the ideal choice. You can browse among the plain or colorful to simple or huge designs in the stoles.

Gothic Stoles

A Gothic-style stole fits great around the neck and the sides remain together hanging, unlike a tapered stole. You will find the side width to be between four, five, or six inches from the chest top to down. The size of the Gothic stoles might vary from design to designs and hence must be checked before the purchase. Are you looking forward to buying a decent stole offering a much-varied look and feel, Gothic stoles by Ackermann should be your go-to option.

Scapulars Stoles

You can visit the Ackermann store for the best designs of Scapulars. Convert any design into Scapulars and make sure to choose the right fitting sizes. There are certain sizing tips to ensure the right choice of Scapulars. If the design is already converted into a Scapular, the measurement will be from the shoulder top. In case you’re purchasing from pulpit stoles, the length should be measured from the back of the neck. At Ackermann, every stole is guaranteed to have a length within an inch of the ordered length.

Narrow Stoles

The narrow stoles are often decided by the ones having smaller frames. They come up with a maximum of 4 inches of width for better control. With multiple design styles to decide from, the narrow styles become one of the prominent selection of users. Browse from tapered, Gothic & Byzantine liturgical stoles and purchase at decent prices.

There is no limit to the varieties when it comes to choosing the narrow stole designs. You can style them in multiple ways and are even easy to fit without slipping issues now and then.

Low Width Tapered Stoles

These make up the most amazing stole choices in the market. These come up with a cord to ensure that the stole remains off the neck without any chance of slipping. With 4-5 inches width, the narrow tapered stoles can offer the overlay style design, maintaining the classy look and feel.

However, the demand for narrow tapered stoles is not that much in the market, yet people prefer to adopt them while pairing them. Ackemann store offers a variety of tapered stoles to browse and decide from. Match them with your clothes to achieve the most decent look out of them.


Ackermann liturgical vestments store offers a wide range of liturgical stoles worldwide. The company is known for being a manufacturer of both traditional & contemporary clothing fabrics. Explore great choices of liturgical stoles, dalmatics, copes, and chasubles for Priests or Bishops.

Ackermann shop offers the most flexible purchase terms with an easier return policy. You can request a product return within a month in case of any issues. When it comes to browsing and choosing a certain variety of liturgical stoles, the Ackermann store is an ideal choice. The company owns a trust badge and ensures 100% satisfaction for all products.

IdoSell Trusted Reviews
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IdoSell Trusted Reviews
The chasuble is more beautiful than expected! The workmanship is superb. The orphrey trim and centerpieces are high quality and have a rich, beautiful design and texture. Of note, the chasuble face fabric is cut from one piece of fabric thus it does not have shoulder seams. Thank you so much for this beautiful garment!
Ackerman have dealt with my order in a timely and efficient manner, as always. However, the delivery is stalling and apparently my order still sits in a warehouse in Poland awaiting shipment which is disapointing.