Rosario de plata con cruz de ámbar báltico

Rosario de plata con cruz de ámbar báltico
Rosario de plata con cruz de ámbar báltico
Rosario de plata con cruz de ámbar báltico
Rosario de plata con cruz de ámbar báltico
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Silver Rosary (925)

  • beads are made of polished amber
  • Bead size: around 7-9 millimeters
  • Weight: 14-15 grams
  • Cross is made of amber.

Our product is exclusive and 100% natural baltic amber. We make our jewelry with passion by hands. Each piece is unique because the size of the amber beads varies.

The rosary can be a unique gift on the occasion of religious ceremonies.

Amber: The Importance and Effect

In addition to its importance as a gemstone, amber also has an esoteric use as a healing stone. Stones such as amber are given great importance in the environment. When amber is rubbed, it is quickly charged electrostatically. The Latin name of amber, electrum, refers to this special ability. The Greek word electron, in turn, is translated to light gold or white gold. This symbolizes the very valuable, unique character of healing stones.  Knowledge of the prehistoric origins of amber has led people to believe in the healing power and magic of gemstones for millennia. There is a lot of energy in amber, and fascination exudes from it. Lore from bygone days shows that these gems offer high levels of protection. It is to protect its carrier from imminent dangers, and can even warn.

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