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They are a symbol of the Catholic Church and the authority of the pope over it. These days processional canopies, umbrellas or pavilions can be found in churches, especially basilicas, throughout the world. As of today, processional canopy flowers experience a major revival. They can be seen indoors and outdoors as a part of religious celebrations, for example Corpus Christi or the closing of Forty Hours’ devotions. As many parishes are reviving this custom, many pastors and clergy search for places to buy canopies, which are not only beautifully embellished, but also made of high-quality materials.

We highly encourage you to take a look at our extensive collection. In you will find a wide variety of umbrellas with Eucharistic symbols. The ones made of gold and red velvet cloth are intended for major basilicas, whereas the yellow and red silk ones are used for minor basilicas.

High quality materials

As a certified member of trusted shops, Ackermann Shop offers only excellent products. Our baldachin-type pavilions are made of valuable cream satin with gold threads with high-quality metallic fringes. The fabric is soft and looks strikingly impressive, especially once the gold threads catch the light.

The processional canopy flower is designed to meet all needs of the clergy. Inside the lining there are special tunnels for extra rods. They are made in such a way to make each side stiffer, so they look very elegant and sleek once used in a procession.

Wide range of products

Our attractive offer consists of processional umbrellas and flowers in many different colour options, such as gold, gold and red or cream. But in not only are they available in a range of styles and colours, but also sizes. The ones available in our online store are of regular sizes, but we can also prepare pavilions embroidered with Eucharistic symbols in custom sizes.

We offer high-quality fabrics with beautifully embroidered details in attractive prices, perfect for your parish. Don’t wait and order one right away.

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